Francois & Vanessa


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Tarryn and Marco engagement shoot

As a matter of principle we always scout wedding venues before weddings so that we have a feel for the place and photo opportunities that are available there. I believe it’s an absolute requirement if you want to be professional not to arrive at a venue ‘cold’ but forwarned and hopefully forearmed about the venue’s challenges and opportunities. Tarryn and Marco are to be married in December at Zebra Lodge, about 40km Northeast of Montana in Pretoria, so we grabbed the chance to do their e-session there on Saturday. That way we could kill both birds with one trip into the bush.

Zebra Lodge is one of those typical bushveld game lodges that abound in that part of the world. The countryside is hilly with dense thorn bush and dusty gravel roads. (That’s ‘dirt roads’ for some of the English-speaking world.) We arrived there at around 11 in the harshest possible sunlight so we did most of our photography under the massive, shady bluegum trees. (Thank you, Australia, for exporting those thirsty, beautiful monsters to every corner of the planet!)


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Hayley and Riaan

We went out to the farm at Boschkop to do Hayley and Riaan’s engagement session. Couples like these make a photographer’s job really easy! They just relaxed and had a whole lot of fun while we took photographs. Apart from the fun, we got some really different and fun shots in the barn and around the field where the Nguni cattle graze.20090809-163656 Continue reading “Hayley and Riaan”

Bjorn and Karien

On Saturday we met Bjorn and Karien at the Botanical Gardens in Pretoria for their e-session. The weather was typical for Pretoria at ths time of year – hot and bright with extremely harsh light even at 4 p.m.! We kept to the shade for the most part and got some wonderful pictures for them before ending up at our favourite little grassed platform and water feature for the last photos of the day.



These first two were taken early in the afternoon when we were still keeping to the shade. We used a flash shooting through an umbrella to give us some nice warm light in the shade. I’m really happy with the results – we’re getting better and better at this of-camera flash thing.



These last two were taken later on when the sun had dropped a bit. No flash here, just a bit of reflector to fill the shadows.

Thanks B & K – we’re looking forward to the big day!