Seeing things in Black and White

The light was good at the farm on Friday.

I had Lia and Ané, along with their friend Mikhe, with me for a photoshoot. It was late afternoon and we were heading into the ‘golden hour’, that time of day when the shadows get long and the light warms, giving everything a golden glow. Continue reading “Seeing things in Black and White”


In Exile 1

Dalene, you were amazing! Last weekend, I did the first shoot in what I hope will be a series on the subject of Exile. The model was given no direction except the text below and the amazing music ‘In Exile’ by Australian vocalist Lisa Gerrard. Dark and sombre stuff! (


(Noun) the state of being barred from one’s native country, typically for political or punitive reasons. Synonyms:     banishment, expulsion, expatriation, deportation

(Verb) expel and bar (someone) from their native country, typically for political or punitive reasons. Synonyms:     expel, banish, expatriate, deport, drive out, throw out, outlaw Continue reading “In Exile 1”

Fairies and forests

20141221 182741-2-Edit-Edit

Apparently Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes books, firmly believed in fairies and went to great lengths to photograph them. I don’t know how much success he had but  there are certainly fairies around Pretoria and I have photos to prove it!  Enjoy these selections from recent fairy shoots we’ve done. Thank you models Rebecca Stewart, Staci-Leigh Howard, Ané van der Walt and Leah van der Walt! Continue reading “Fairies and forests”

Tumi’s Maternity Shoot

Tumi Maternity shoot bump

I do yoga with Tumi so I’ve had the pleasure of watching her little bump grow while Tumi seemed to be totally ignoring the fact that she’s pregnant and continued to out-yoga most people! She and hubby, soon to be Daddy, came around to the studio for a maternity shoot and we had such fun! I wanted a range of shots for them so I did both light and dark looks. I think white backgrounds are very over-used so normally my preference is for a darker look but they all  worked well. It helps having someone in front of the camera who is enjoying the experience and just going for it! Continue reading “Tumi’s Maternity Shoot”