In Exile 3

Today we have Thabang, a muso, who bared his soul for the In Exile series. He also chose to dress the part and bring props – these with the suitcase worked best for the theme. He looked far too happy with his guitar to look like he was suffering in exile! 🙂 Enjoy them and let me know what you think…

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I’m not going to mess around—yesterday was awesome and all I want to talk about! The scene was the Kranskop Gliding Club at Brits. The occasion was a special open day for various students and interns from previously disadvantaged communities who are part of a couple of programmes to encourage flying as a profession as well as a recreation. A colleague of mine, Daniel Ralefeta, a pilot and all-round good guy, organised the whole thing. It involved getting more than 30 glider and powered flights done in a day at an airstrip where they usually manage 9. He did it!

I was asked to take pics, including air-to-air from a Lambada, a small plane and motor glider. When I got there I realised how small. The 70-200 lens was way too big for the cockpit!


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Finding the Light

Canon 7D, 200mm, ISO 3200

Generally I am a strong supporter of the philosophy that better equipment doesn’t make you a better photographer. But there are times when good kit makes all the difference…

When Canon announced the new 7D camera recently, I immediately decided that it was time for an upgrade from my (very) old and trusty Canon 400Ds that I have been shooting with for ages. Continue reading “Finding the Light”