Althea gets Married

We had a lovely winter wedding with Althea out at Rosemary hill. Here are a few pictures from the day. This was the kind of wedding coverage I enjoy doing–the ceremony, some photos of groups and the couple and then I’m off. Lower key and more affordable for the couple.


Hayley and Riaan get married

A while ago we photographed Hayley and Riaan’s engagement shoot out at the farm. Time has flown by—2009 is dead and gone, it seems—and now they’re married! The wedding was at Shelanti in Centurion, just outside Pretoria, in their wonderful little gothic-style chapel. First, though we were at Hayley’s parents’ house for the preparations.

Having a new camera, a Canon 7D, that has high ISO and therefore very good low light ability opened new opportunities. We ended up with  some awesome photos that would previously have been impossible.

The first set of bride’s formals were taken in the lounge at a window at between ISO 1000 and ISO3200. This one’s at 1000 and the next at 1600. Neither of these was possible on my old Canon 400D!



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