I’m not going to mess around—yesterday was awesome and all I want to talk about! The scene was the Kranskop Gliding Club at Brits. The occasion was a special open day for various students and interns from previously disadvantaged communities who are part of a couple of programmes to encourage flying as a profession as well as a recreation. A colleague of mine, Daniel Ralefeta, a pilot and all-round good guy, organised the whole thing. It involved getting more than 30 glider and powered flights done in a day at an airstrip where they usually manage 9. He did it!

I was asked to take pics, including air-to-air from a Lambada, a small plane and motor glider. When I got there I realised how small. The 70-200 lens was way too big for the cockpit!


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Patricia’s Adventure


Patricia was a little nervous about what awaited her at the studio, I think. The result though, was that she left on a total high having had an absolute blast! We played with the black net and had her doing fun things before they had to leave to be in time for a soccer match – some things wait for no man! 🙂 Continue reading “Patricia’s Adventure”

Tumi’s Maternity Shoot

Tumi Maternity shoot bump

I do yoga with Tumi so I’ve had the pleasure of watching her little bump grow while Tumi seemed to be totally ignoring the fact that she’s pregnant and continued to out-yoga most people! She and hubby, soon to be Daddy, came around to the studio for a maternity shoot and we had such fun! I wanted a range of shots for them so I did both light and dark looks. I think white backgrounds are very over-used so normally my preference is for a darker look but they all  worked well. It helps having someone in front of the camera who is enjoying the experience and just going for it! Continue reading “Tumi’s Maternity Shoot”

Watery MTB


They have a floating bridge on the ASG trail at Rosemary Hill. If you don’t know what a floating bridge is, its a whole lot of wood held together in the form of a path about a meter wide, that floats on the surface of the water. Only just. It doesn’t hold the weight of a person with bicycle but, if you are moving fast enough, you can get across without sinking. Unless you make a mistake. Here are some photos I took at the recent 24hr race. From a photography point of view, the challenge here was to keep shutter speeds down so as to get some really nice pans and blurry motion. In this kind of photography, it’s important to show motion in wheels, spokes, pedals and other moving bits.



Then there’s the rest of the course – some great singletrack and a few technical bits.


Allahu Akbar

I have had the very great fortune to have visited many wonderful religious buildings from great cathedrals in Europe and USA, Buddhist temples in Thailand and South Africa to tiny temples and, of course many Christian churches. In all of these, mankind’s drive seems to be to build something bigger, better and more glorious so that they may proclaim the greatness of their own particular view of God. They all want to shout out that “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) in their own languages and on their own terms. Yesterday I had a new bit of my great fortune when I visited the Nizamiye Mosque in Midrand.

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